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Domino Effect Productions, LLC is an award winning affordable video production company with a wealth of knowledge and success in the industry. We have some of the most experienced producers, directors, writers, editors and cinematographers in the industry. We develop and produce projects across a wide range of genres including commercials, reality shows, music videos, promotional videos, training videos, event coverage and more. We work with record labels,ad agencies, small and mid-size business to create custom videos to help them deliver a powerful message. Our state of the art studio is located in the heart of downtown Orlando, Florida. All shooting, editing, motion graphics,creative treatments, talent casting and sound design are done in house by our talented and creative staff. We scale to the size and scope of every project to fit your budget; you'll get big ideas with the right-sized solution.

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Owner: Marcus Small

" Domino Effect Productions, LLC. is a full service production company dedicated to producing original and unconventional content. Domino Effect Productions will capitalize on the growing entertainment market across the world through the production and promotion of high quality entertainment.

"Located in Orlando, Florida, the company will become highly profitable and create immediate revenue streams while growing its production catalog into a multi-million dollar asset.

Domino Effect Productions
Our History

Domino Effect Productions, LLC., is a young dynamic company located in Orlando, Florida. The staff consists of two primary producers that pride themselves on their ability to attract original creative collaborations with an authentic voice. Domino Effect Productions continues to partner with other production companies to develop and produce projects across a wide range of genres.

As a young company, Domino Effect Productions focuses on projects that highlight various social and cultural issues, working with innovative minds, and engaging material is what makes Domino Effect Productions a new and important voice in independent entertainment that reaches beyond the boundaries of tradition.

May 11, 2011
Marcus Small: Founder of Domino Effects Productions

The Film grad's company has done work for clients such as the Orlando Magic, Rick Ross, and Ciroc Vodka The editing room is where movies really start to come together. The writer and director develop the story, visuals, and performances, but after filming has wrapped, it’s the editor’s job to take that work and piece it together into a cohesive narrative. It takes a special kind of artist with the right blend of instinct and technical skill, and Film graduate Marcus Small discovered his talent for editing while in school,
and has since ...

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Domino Effect Productions is an Orlando video production company that provides custom & high quality commercial video production, music video production, education video production, movie trailer production, promo video production, reality show video production and more in Orlando, Miami, New York and Atlanta.

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