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Domino Effect Productions, LLC is an award winning affordable video production company with a wealth of knowledge and success in the industry. We have some of the most experienced producers, directors, writers, editors and cinematographers in the industry. We develop and produce projects across a wide range of genres including commercials, reality shows, music videos, promotional videos, training videos, event coverage and more. We work with record labels,ad agencies, small and mid-size business to create custom videos to help them deliver a powerful message. Our state of the art studio is located in the heart of downtown Orlando, Florida. All shooting, editing, motion graphics,creative treatments, talent casting and sound design are done in house by our talented and creative staff. We scale to the size and scope of every project to fit your budget; you'll get big ideas with the right-sized solution.

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In pre-production, your video is designed and planned. We determine whether to shoot on location, in-studio or both. Our production team can also create storyboards and visualizations with the help of of our concept artists. A production budget is drawn up to plan expenditures for the production.

We then will hire a crew. The nature of the production, and the budget, help determine the size and type of crew used during production. Many of our crew members work in-house and are readily available.

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Domino Effect Productions Domino Effect Productions


In production, the video is created and shot. If required, more crew will be recruited at this stage, such as the property master, script supervisor,
assistant directors, stills photographer, picture editor, and sound editors. These are just the most common roles in production; Domino Effect Productions
will be free to create any unique blend of roles to suit the various responsibilities possible during the production of your video.

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Domino Effect Productions

Domino Effect Productions

Domino Effect Productions


Here your video is assembled by our video editors. Production sound is also synced up to the video picture frames during this process.

The first job of our editor is to build a rough cut taken from sequences based on individual shots. The purpose of the rough cut is to select and order
the best shots. Our director works with our editor to ensure your envisioned shots are selected. The next step is to create a final cut by getting all
the shots to flow smoothly in a seamless story.

The final cut is passed into the hands of our postproduction supervising sound editor to build up the sound track. The voice recordings are
synchronised and the final sound mix is created by our re-recording mixer. The sound mix combines dialogue, sound effects, atmos, foleys and music.

Finally your video is previewed and any feedback may result in further shooting or edits to the video.

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Domino Effect Productions  Domino Effect Productions